Saturday, April 19, 2014


I was anxiously awaiting Dr. A's phone call today with our final number of embryos. It was nearly 3pm and what happens? I walk away from my phone for a second and miss his call. Sigh. 

I quickly listened to the voicemail and he said that four embryos were biopsied and frozen. I was disappointed and a bit surprised. I was hoping for more. I called their office because I wanted to chat with him and they were able to connect me. I felt bad for dialing as "an urgent call" but this call was a big deal for me. I confirmed it was four and that no others made it. I also asked about grading the embryos and he said he doesn't really do that. He waits to see the PGS results and goes from there. We should have those back in 3 to 4 days.

I'll admit, I started crying the moment I hung up. Maybe four is fine. But I was upset and sad for those that didn't make it. I felt our odds continue to drop. For now, we are hoping we have some genetically normal embryos to work with. More waiting for another very important call.

Happy Easter. 



  1. My first cycle I only had two....didn't work. My second cycle I had four and got pregnant. It only takes one! I remember being surprised too because they retrieved so many eggs, and fertilized them with ICSI.

  2. My second cycle I had 4 that made it to day 6 and I got pregnant with Evie! And the other 3 looked so good they froze them. It doesn't matter that there are only 4 if those 4 are rock stars, and I'm sure they are!!! But, I know it's disappointing. My first cycle they only retrieved 6 eggs total, and I cried my eyes out in the operating room. You cry if you need to. It's Ok.

  3. I'm sorry, Megan! I can absolutely relate as well :( I felt so sad and at a loss with our final number (4) as well too. I was so worried that by transfer day we wouldn't have any to transfer. They retrieved 28 eggs from me and fertilized 18. I still have a hard time accepting the fact that we only had 4 embies that made it. We now have 2 frozen and we unfortunately cannot afford another round. Forever grateful for our miracle, Jonah. IF is a nightmare, always mourning for something. You are truly in my thoughts & prayers, hang in there xo.