Tuesday, August 19, 2014

16 Weeks and CrossFit

I had my second OB appointment on Friday at 16 weeks. Everything went well. All my blood work came back normal. She did ask about my weight gain, since I hadn't gained anything, but I reminded her that I lost at least 10 lbs when I was really sick. The anatomy scan is scheduled for September 4th. I am so excited to see her again!!

I am still on the Zofran, so that has been contributing to some serious constipation. Ugh. Sorry for the TMI, but it's been pretty bad. She told me to take the Colace daily and add some Miralax if I need it. I've also been eating lots of raisin bran and prune juice. Even with the Zofran, I have a hard time eating. I usually can figure my meals out, but a lot of things don't sit well. I've been eating a lot of berry/nut/feta salads and soup. Thankfully most of what I can eat is healthy, very unlike last time, ha! I am feeling her move, although it's very light and I wouldn't know it if I hadn't experienced it before. I can't wait for more movement - it's my absolute favorite part of pregnancy.

Once my IV was removed, I slowly started doing CrossFit with Nick again. I am scaling the weight and intensity, but I am really enjoying it. It feels good and my only goal is to continue it until I deliver. Even if it's scaled way back, I just want to stay active.


Friday, August 8, 2014

12 / 13 / 14 / 15 Weeks

Phew. What a crazy four weeks it has been. I graduated from the RE at 12 weeks, had my first OB appointment, got very, very sick and ended up in the emergency room dehydrated and throwing up, went home and had an IV placed for Zofran and hydration, and I'm now finally beginning to feel better. I removed my IV on Sunday, August 3rd and started the Zofran tablets instead. I've been okay so far so I am hoping that I am past that horrible experience for good. Fingers crossed.

How far along.... 15 weeks!

How am I feeling.... I'm pretty good. Still having some nausea on and off, and I don't really want to eat anything, but I'm so much better. I am just so relieved. I feel like I can finally enjoy that I am pregnant. I was so focused on not being sick and trying to eat that I couldn't focus on the fact that I am pregnant with this baby girl. The excitement was completely gone there for a while and that makes me sad. But it's back. I have a growing belly and I love it! I'm having a lot of round ligament pain from the stretching belly and still having mild headaches. On a positive note, I started some light CrossFit again. I haven't done anything physical in a very long time so I'm taking it slow and of course scaling the workout. I want to continue with it throughout the pregnancy, as long as my body allows me. It felt so good, so I'm looking forward to staying fit and strong.

How is baby doing.... She looked perfect at our NT scan, so that was wonderful. We didn't get any good pictures this time, but it was so fun to see her little hands waving and her legs crossed. The tech even took a peek to confirm our genetic testing and that she is in fact a girl. It feels like it's been so long since we've seen her. Those early ultrasounds at the RE sure spoiled me.

Milestones, etc....
I'm alive! Baby is alive! Honestly, that is all I care about at this point :)