Thursday, December 4, 2014

30 / 31 / 32 Weeks

How far along.... 32 weeks tomorrow! Only 7 weeks left!!!!

How am I feeling.... Feeling good! ::knocks on wood:: this big belly and some swelling in my ankles are the only "symptoms" I really have. My body is being very kind to me.

How is baby doing.... Her movements are changing as she gets bigger - less jabs and more rolling. Most movements are right above my belly button and must be her knees/feet/legs. Sometimes they startle me they are so quick and strong. I imagine she will be a big baby like her brother. She seems happy in there so that's good.

Milestones, etc....
OB appointments are every two weeks now, so I go again tomorrow. I'm hoping my blood pressure stays down. This is the point it started creeping up last time and then I ended up with NST's at the hospital. Really hoping to avoid that this time! I realized on December 1st that we will have a baby NEXT month! Whoa!!! That is just crazy! It's so cliche and I say it all.the.time, but this flew by so freaking fast. We did our maternity/family photo shoot on Sunday and I'm absolutely in love with them. I love our photographer and I'm so grateful for the moments she captured. The photos mean a lot to me. I always had regret that I didn't do them with Grayson's pregnancy. I didn't even do newborn photos, so I made sure I booked both this time.

We went for a sunset shoot and ended up with a very rainy day. Pretty funny because we are in a serious drought and I swear it never, ever rains here in southern California. But it always rains on my photo shoot days! We had to reschedule last year's holiday photos too. They still turned out great and we left just as it started to pour again.