Friday, September 5, 2014

17 / 18 / 19 Weeks

17w4d - Overhead Lunges. These suck!

17w4d Post-workout


How far along.... 19 weeks! YAY!

How am I feeling.... Great! I love my workouts. They energize me and I feel stronger by the day. It's very empowering. I'm still nauseous off and on. My appetite is very particular, but I'm a thousand times better than before. I take my Zofran on an as needed basis and try to avoid it if I can because it gives me headaches and makes me a bit dizzy.

How is baby doing.... Also great :) We had our anatomy scan yesterday and everything looked good. She was measuring right on track and her anatomy looked normal. She's moving around a lot and I'm feeling her all the time. I was surprised when the tech told me I have an anterior placenta this time (opposite of last time) and that it will take longer and be harder to feel her - not the case for me at all! I've been feeling flutters since 15 weeks. I can't wait for G and Daddy to feel her too. We got a few pictures with a lot of poking and prodding.

Her profile

Yoga baby - her knee almost touching her nose

Milestones, etc....
Almost half way baked!!! Or exactly half-way if we decide to do the repeat c-section. I believe my OB schedules them at 39 weeks.