Friday, July 25, 2014

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

So yeah. If you haven't noticed, I've been missing from blogging. No 12 or 13 week updates. I've been so, so, so sick.

I've had a rough first trimester as it is, but last Saturday things got really bad. I threw up a few times that day and I felt awful, so I stopped eating altogether. It was just so bad that I couldn't find one thing I tolerated. Sunday was the same and even worse in the evening. I went to my primary care doctor on Monday because I had a really bad sore throat and headache and wanted to rule out strep. I noticed that when she weighed me before the appointment, I had lost 10 lbs since my OB appointment. Tuesday was even worse. I couldn't even keep water down and my head was throbbing so I called Nick and he took me to the ER. I spent six hours there, getting IV fluids, Zofran and Tylenol.

The next day I called my OB and they decided to set up a home health visit to have a nurse come to my house and give me an IV so I could be hydrated and medicated at home. The regular dissolvable Zofran wasn't working. The nurse came super late on Wednesday and at that point I hadn't eaten in 5 days, my urine had keotones from dehydration and I thought I was going to die. Thursday morning was better after a night of fluids. Still feeling nauseous and had no appetite, but I started eating jello and lemon fruit popsicles. And drinking some water!!!! I even made it to the NT scan and baby girl looked perfect, thank goodness. My biggest fear was the impact all of this may have on her.

Today is Friday and I ate some bread without wanting to vomit! Yay! I have my last bag of fluids tonight (crazy, but there is a national shortage of fluids! I almost couldn't get them) and I've been on the IV Zofran every six hours regularly. The combo seems to be helping. I haven't been at work all week, so I'm hoping to be back on Monday.

Poor Grayson has had a difficult time. He is used to me doing the bedtime routine and taking and picking him up from school. I felt terrible as Nick had to do everything for a few days there, when even moving made me sick. But he did great and Grayson survived.

I'm hoping I've turned a corner, but I just don't know yet. Will this last the entire pregnancy or will it get better as I move into the second trimester? No one knows. I don't know how long I will have my IV in or how I'll know when I'm better unless I try and stop the meds. That terrifies me. What I do know is this has been the week from hell and I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. It's been really hard.


Friday, July 11, 2014

11 Weeks

How far along.... I cannot believe I'm 11 weeks already!! So crazy. Only one more ultrasound with my RE and I graduate.

How am I feeling.... Nauseous - all day, every day. It's still a mix of good and bad days. Nothing sounds good. My safe foods are french fries, carne asada, cheese, raw baby carrots, fruit popsicles, frosted mini wheats cereal, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Physically I am very tired and just feeling crappy overall. I'm hoping that I start feeling better in the next few weeks. It's been really hard. And it takes a toll on me emotionally. I'm trying to hang in there and keep a smile on my face. I know it's only temporary and I don't want to wish away this time because it's likely my last pregnancy. I still remember how much I missed it last time.

How is baby doing.... Wonderful. She measured at 11w2d {45 mm} She was sleeping at today's scan. Hearing her heartbeat always puts a big smile on my face.

Milestones, etc....
 No more PIO shots or estrogen!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! So thrilled about that. I have my first OB appointment on Monday and will schedule my NT scan then.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

9/10 Weeks

How far along.... 9 weeks, 6 days. With our camping trip last weekend and then the holiday this weekend, I haven't had a chance to blog so these two weeks are combined.

How am I feeling.... Nauseous - all day, every day. Food is awful. I am craving nothing. The things I end up eating are usually soup, cereal, smoothies, bagel breakfast sandwiches and carne asada. I usually just force the food in and I do okay. Some day I am right on the edge of throwing up. The ginger candies I bought do help. Oh, and diet Coke. I don't normally drink soda, but it really helps. The heartburn and indigestion started way earlier this time, so that's fun. My belly has grown a bit already, but I also have a lot of extra weight from the four IUI's and IVF. My emotions are all over the place still, but today's 10 week ultrasound absolutely made my week, so I am on cloud nine right now :)

How is baby doing.... Everything continues to look great. She measured about a day ahead today and she was moving all over the place and waving her tiny arms!!!! We heard her heartbeat again - such a beautiful sound. I am so in love already!

Milestones, etc.... My Mom and I went shopping the weekend before last and got some clothes for baby girl. I get all giddy when I look at them and realize we will have a little girl in our arms next year. So crazy!! Two more weeks and I'm done with the estrogen and PIO, yay!!!!