Thursday, January 29, 2015


It's been 7 days since our little miracle girl arrived. My c-section went very smoothly and she was healthy as can be. I had a few hours of feeling really crappy, but things got better much faster than last time. She latched very well right from the start. Breastfeeding has been so much easier the second time around, mostly because I know what I am doing. At her 2 day check-up, she was up 4 ounces to 7lbs 14 oz!! We were thrilled! Especially after the struggle I had getting Grayson's weight up in those first two weeks. We are getting into a good routine and her night time feedings are spreading apart. The first few days at home were tough because she was waking every hour to eat and the exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. I am doing so much better physically these last few days. It always makes things easier once I can move around and do the things I normally do, like get out of our bed without a lot of help. We are excited for a little trip out with both kids tomorrow. Grayson has been going to school every day, but we decided to use Fridays as family days while Nick is still on leave.

But the post-partum hormones, oh my! This time has been different and really hard. I am so happy to have her here and my feelings haven't been directed at her in any way. It's just been a very emotional adjustment for me. I went from being 100% Grayson's mama, taking care of his every need, taking him to school, making his meals, reading to him each night and then all of a sudden I had to focus all of my mama energy on a new baby. It's a big transition. I was feeling guilty. I was feeling disconnected from my little man. Honestly, these feelings have been the hardest part of all of this because I know they are irrational and I know they are temporary, but oh are they strong. It's difficult for me to get past them at times and so I just cry. I read a text and cry. I go along with Nick to pick up Grayson from school and I cry. My mornings are always fine - it's the afternoons that get hard. I have noticed some improvement as I am getting more sleep. The good thing is that I am aware of these emotions and I am watching to make sure that things get better in the next few weeks. 

Some photos from our first week...

Friday, January 23, 2015

I am so in love

I didn't think my heart could love another baby this much. But it can. Oh my goodness, it can. We are so in love with our baby girl, Cora Rose. She was born via RCS today the 23rd at 1:01pm. She was 8 lbs 5oz (my exact guess again, no joke!!) and 18.5 inches. She is perfect and I'm feeling fantastic after just a few hours of slight nausea and pain.

Here she is! Her big brother loved her!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

This is the week!

Oh my, I am a huge ball of nerves right now! It's only Monday and I am already freaking out a bit. I know what to expect and I am so, so excited to meet her. But it's so different when you know the day and you know what the c-section is all about, as opposed to the first time when it was all a surprise.

I also find myself incredibly sad. The end of a pregnancy is such a bittersweet time for me. So much joy to meet her and so sad to no longer be pregnant. What a roller coaster of emotions! I am also worried about being away from my G while in the hospital. I know he is in great hands with his Nana, but I haven't been away from him overnight ever. I know I will be missing him a lot.

I'll take a final bump picture on Friday before the c-section, but this will be my last update.

38 weeks!

How far along.... 38 weeks and 3 days.

How am I feeling.... Besides the nervous/anxious energy, I feel great! I have mild heartburn and I'm peeing a lot. Otherwise I can't complain. I walked around Disneyland all day Saturday, and besides the exhaustion at the end of the day, I did fine. My massage was amazing - I made myself a promise to do those more often. I'm looking forward to the mani/pedi tomorrow, and I'm paying extra for a longer foot massage hehe.

How is baby doing.... Everything looked great at Friday's appointment so I think she's a happy camper in there.

Milestones, etc....
It's the week of her arrival, so I guess that's a pretty big milestone :) The car seat is installed and my hospital bag is packed. We have everything we need, plus more. Our family, friends and co-workers have been so generous. I feel very loved.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

33 - 37 Weeks

Wow. Time has gone so fast that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog at all. Not sure how many people are even reading anymore, but here's a quick catch up. It's crazy, crazy, crazy that we have just 10 days left until my scheduled c-section! Ahhhhh!

It feels like just yesterday I got the call from Dr. A telling us we had just one normal embryo. What a mix of emotions - so heartbroken that only one was normal and so elated that she was a girl. And then being terrified if she would stick around. What a wild ride. I am just so happy to have made it to this point and to soon be a family of four!

35 weeks - Christmas!

At a friend's wedding. I was pretty excited to actually get to wear this maternity dress :)

36 weeks at my family's ranch

37 weeks

How far along.... 37 weeks and 4 days. One last OB appointment on Friday and then my c-section is scheduled for the 23rd. Only 10 days left!!!! I guess there is still a chance of going into labor before then, but I'm doubting it.

How am I feeling.... Good, especially for this far along! The heartburn can be intense, but nothing Tums and Mylanta can't fix. I'm peeing every minute. I have some sweet cankles going on, but I've been wearing my compression socks to work and they help a lot. I've been sleeping pretty good, only waking once or twice to pee. And then there's the giant belly. It looks like I avoided any new stretch marks though, so that's nice. My Mom and I are going to the spa tomorrow for massages - I can't wait! I also scheduled a mani/pedi for next Tuesday. I'm getting in all the pampering I can before she arrives, plus I thought girly nails would be fun for her arrival :)

How is baby doing.... It's crazy this time because I haven't needed any extra monitoring, which is a good thing, but it feels like I haven't seen her in forever. She's moving like she is supposed to and my belly keeps stretching with her growth, so I assume all is well. We are so, so excited to meet her! We are all wondering what she will look like and if her personality will be like her big brother. Grayson is also very excited to meet her and lifts up my shirt every day to give her a kiss, say hi and see if she is moving. Melts my heart!!!

Milestones, etc.... 
We've reached full term! And the countdown to her arrival is just days away now. I keep saying and typing it, but how did this pregnancy go by so fast?!?!

Grayson moved to his big boy room and bed (with Thomas the Trains bedding!) a week and a half ago and it's gone really well. He loves it and sleeps great still every night. The weekend naps weren't too bad either, just had to make sure he understood it was time to sleep, not play. We made a lot of progress on both of their rooms, so they each have their own space. We also set up the pack 'n play bassinet in our room. Her clothes and blankets are washed. We bought a new infant seat for her and will install it this weekend. I just need to pack my hospital bag and we are ready!