Friday, April 4, 2014

Maximum Benefit

So yeah, we hit our lifetime Infertility maximum benefit of $10K. That means we are out of pocket now. Our first four treatment cycles the first time around were 100% OOP. We then switched me onto Nick's insurance and had some IF coverage. It was nice while it lasted, but we ate up a lot of it doing those four IUI's this time around. I can't believe this IVF is my ninth treatment cycle overall.

Dr. A lowered my Lupron dose to 10 units and upped my Follistim to 250iu for last night and tonight. It's funny that this happened because I asked my IVF nurse about lowering the Lupron and she said "oh no, you won't need that lowered. Only when you need some extra "oomph" does he lower the Lupron, and you'll respond well" And then he lowered mine. So of course I worry, because that's what I do best. I trust my doctor so hopefully his adjustments help.

I had to order more Follistim and that's when I found out I had just $600 left of coverage. $1,200 later, I had four more 300iu vials. I hope I won't need any more than that!


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  1. Are you using Menopur at all? I have some left that may not be expired.