Thursday, April 3, 2014

IVF Monitoring Appointment #1

I am feeling pretty worn down. My energy and focus are clouded. I'm sure it's the medications doing this to me. I am fatigued and my appetite varies from voracious to non-existent. It seems to help that I am being very good with my food choices. I have a mild headache all day, which is tolerable for the most part. It feels like the stims are balancing my hormones back out so I'm not feeling as awful as I was. Everything usually begins to overwhelm me at the end of the day; I give Grayson a bath, brush his teeth, read him a story, put him down to sleep, get all of my needles and medications ready, do my injections, get mine and Grayson's lunch ready for the next day and then back upstairs to go to bed. It's somewhere in there that, in my head, I want to give up. I want to stop the medications, forget about doing IVF altogether and....  then I stop myself. What are you talking about, crazy lady?!?! I stop in that moment and remember how much joy G brings to our lives, how we talk about him every night until we fall asleep and then again in the morning as soon as we wake up. We love him so much. We have so much love to give another child. I think of it all and remember that it's worth it. And by morning, I feel better again. I thought my IUI's were roller coasters... IVF is a whole new experience!

Today was my first monitoring appointment. After three nights of 225iu Follistim + 75iu Menopur, my follies were all still 10 and under. The doctor said this is normal at this point. They drew blood to check my estrogen levels and will call me later to give me my dosage for the next two nights. I will be at their office a lot next week! The good thing is that time feels like it's moving fast now.



  1. My first cycle I had a 16 after 3 days and the cycle was awful. The second cycle I didn't have anything over 10 and it was sooooo good (and Evie came from it). So to me it sounds like things are going great!

  2. IVF is draining but you can do it! I admit last fall I totally just gave up on cooking dinners around seven or eight days into stims. If you can, get anyone to help getting "easy meals" together this weekend (crockpot stuff or casseroles made up so all you need to do is heat them). I'm sure it's harder with a child, but anything to make the next week easy you will be thankful for later. Good luck!

  3. IVF is intense in every way and I'm sorry that you have to go through it. Hang in there girly!

  4. Hi new friend! I see your little guy was born July 28th. I'm preggo with my second due July 22nd so they could have the same bday! Anyway, new to your blog and wanted to invite you to join the Easter Basket blog hop next week! I'd love to see what little Grayson gets in his basket!