Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I can't believe it and it still hasn't sunk in. From 19 to 4 to 1. Of the four embryos, only one was genetically normal. Dr. A called me today while I was shopping with my Mom. I was hoping it was him, as Nick and I have been anxiously awaiting this call. My heart sank. Dr. A said he was surprised we only had one. I told him I was too.

He asked if I wanted to know the gender and I said yes, we do. He said it's a girl. I actually smiled when I heard that. A tiny bit of joy in our heartbreak. Please be a feisty girl who is strong and hangs on. We want you to stick around!

I'm waiting for my period to start our FET, but it may be pushed to the following cycle as we are going on vacation next week.

We have one shot. That is the most terrifying thought. Can I do this again? Will that even make a difference in the outcome? I am trying to not think beyond this right now. We will think about that and make those decisions if and when that time comes. Not now. It's too much to handle right now.



  1. It only takes one! Positive thoughts for your baby girl :)

  2. FX for a wonderful and smooth FET with your baby girl holding on tight at the end! <3

  3. Praying your baby girl is a fighter and she will be in your arms in 10 months.

  4. My heart hurt for you as I started reading this...I know how disappointing it can be to hear just one. Then when I read it was a girl...I smiled. Praying that lil girl fights real hard!!!

  5. Sorry hon, that's rough news to absorb. But as Rebecca said, it only takes one!!! Good luck!

  6. No matter what, congratulations on your girl :) hope you have a very relaxing and fun vaca!