Saturday, April 12, 2014


That was my estrogen number yesterday.  It got way up there, which I hope means we get lots of eggs tomorrow. 

I started Cabergoline last night. It's a once a day pill that helps with the bloat. I just wish it helped with the nausea too. Ugh. It's been horrible these past three days. I feel hungry one minute and then I am gagging from the nausea the next. It seems like dealing with these things while parenting a toddler is especially challenging. 

I went in for my pre-op blood work and appointment this morning. They had me start antibiotics today that I'll take for three days and went over the surgery process. We will arrive tomorrow at 8:15am, drop off Nick's sample and head downstairs to the surgery center. The procedure is about 30 minutes under a light anesthesia and I go home within an hour or two. 

I'll update tomorrow as soon as I feel well enough.

Thank you for all the well wishes. xo


  1. Go, Megan!

  2. Good luck!!! 4,500 was about my estrogen pre trigger as well with my last IVF in Feb 2012. Just a heads up - the cabergoline is supposed to help the OHSS (so the bloat), but nausea is actually a symptom of it. Definitely ask for the nausea meds if you start puking (in my case I puked a lot) - the nausea meds are a god send. And, as a heads up, that cycle (wherein my numbers were just like yours) was my baby making cycle that got me pregnant - so it looks good to me!!!