Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Nutrisystem, welcome to my life!

This weight thing is getting ridiculous. I am up to 185 lbs. One hundred eighty five. I never would have imagined being that weight. Ever. I can't see most of my feet when I look down over my belly. I could pass for 5 months pregnant right now. That is not cool. I know I have talked about my weight before and all my "plans" that have obviously gone down the drain. But now I am serious. This is my life we are talking about. If I continue on this path, I am going to have serious medical problems. It's not good for me, not good for our family and most certainly not good for my fertility.

I think Mr. B's doctor appointment today sent us both over the edge. He has been coughing up a lung and had a fever, so I sent him to the doctor. They gave him antibiotics for bronchitis, but they also told him he has high blood pressure and will "die at 40 if he doesn't eat better & start exercising." Geez. I wonder what my doctor would say to me right now?! :(

So tonight we are ordering Nutrisystem. My sister lost 50 lbs on it and is down another 15 lbs on her own. My Mom lost 40 lbs on it. I know it works. It's not easy, but it works if you follow it. It teaches us about portion control and that food is for nutrition, plain and simple. This will be very difficult, but we need it. Cheers to our healthy road ahead!

"About the only time losing is more fun than winning is when you're fighting temptation." Tom Wilson

Mrs. B

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  1. I feel your pain, I hate how much weight I've gained. I can't see my feet either :(

    I'm starting a big diet tomorrow and I am super determined to stick to it. Wishing you loads of luck!