Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazy People

I know there are lots of crazies out there, but dang. This week at work has really emphasized this fact. I thought I would share them with you :)

Let's start with Crazy Dude #1. We will call him M. M called in to our receptionist last Friday asking to speak to our hiring manager because he was looking for a job. Our receptionist explained that she was in a meeting, but that he could leave a message and send in his resume. He then proceeded to ask the receptionist if that was the hiring manager in the background, too busy laughing to take his call. Wha? Apparently someone at our office was laughing in the background and he assumed they were laughing at him on the phone! First signs of crazy = paranoia. Check! He also brought up this "laughing" on the hiring manager's voice mail. We aren't hiring right now and he sounded like a nut, so she promptly deleted that voice mail LOL.

Fast forward to this Monday. A gentlemen comes into our office, carrying a resume, and asks to speak to our hiring manager. Again, she is in a meeting. For realsies, not just to hide from these kind of people. He asks if there is someone else he can talk to and she says no, so he hands her his resume. You guessed it. M again. And as he walked out, he slams his fist into the wall and slams the door behind him. Now our poor receptionist is scared. I don't blame her. He leaves and she explains to me all about the phone call, his anger problems, etc. Now I am getting worried, especially with all the news about people flying off the handle.

Not one hour later, M walks up our stairs AGAIN!!!! We were all in our weekly meeting with shocked looks on our faces. At this point, everyone at our company knows what is going on. He hands the receptionist his resume AGAIN (crazy, anyone?) and then leaves. This time I watch and see that he drives away in a white Bronco. What's with white Bronco's LOL?! Our receptionist leaves for the day, escorted by two men to her car.

I know you are on the edge of your seat now. What happens next?! HE DRIVES INTO OUR COMPLEX AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! He goes around the round-a-bout and speeds away. At this point, we are frantically looking him and his previous employers up online. Does he have a Facebook? Is he on a most-wanted list? Is this psycho going to come back and kill us all? We were all very scared. I promised myself I would call the police the next day if I saw him again. With the shootings in the news lately, I wasn't taking any chances! He didn't show up, and we had someone call him & explain that we were not hiring and to please stop showing up at our office.

Then today, Crazy Dude #2. He is a temp we brought in to help in a department of ours that calls people all day long. Apparently he decided to make this dull work more exciting by creating a new name & voice every time he called another company. What the eff?! He also talked to himself in between each call and was making strange animal noises. We called the agency and had him sent home at lunch. Next thing you know, we have people calling in asking for random names of people who have never worked at our company. ::sigh::

Never a boring day at our office!

Mrs. B

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  1. I love crazy people stories!

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