Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Master Bedroom + Bathroom: Progress Photos

I finally had a chance to get these pictures together after beginning these changes. It's not finished, but it's progress :)

Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom - Now
 {we have a real bed! EEEEEE!!}

What's left in this room?
  • Hang dark brown curtains on small window
  • Hang new curtains on closet
  • Choose and hang orange art work

Master Bathroom - Before

Master Bathroom - Now

What's left in this room?
  • Choose and hang new wall art on the wall facing the toilet
  • Install the new exhaust fan

I had a little hiccup with my original shower curtain. I bought the first one from one of my favorite stores, Cost Plus World Market. It was gorgeous, but after I had painted the baby blue on, I realized the curtain did not match the walls. The blue in the shower curtain was more of a teal, similar to our kitchen color. Then it hit me! They are cotton and we have no curtains in our kitchen. With the help of my Mom's sewing machine, we re-purposed the shower curtain into kitchen curtains.... {p.s. the kitchen counter tops aren't finished. It seems like nothing is ever 100% finished around here, ha!}

I quite like how the browns and greens tie into my kitchen towels, too.

Next up, the hallway and living room. And hopefully the dog room transitioning to a nursery, when that time comes. That will be the most exciting room project of all :)
Mrs. B


  1. Woohoo, finally some pictures! haha. ;) Love the progress on these rooms. It's fun to see things come together. :)

  2. I love room transformations. Yours are beautiful!

    I am with you on the dog room, I refuse to paint our guest room even though it needs it. One day we will have to paint it for a nursery. I refuse to do it till then.

    Aren't we silly!LOL