Monday, February 28, 2011

Master Bedroom + Bathroom: Design Changes

Time has been moving so s-l-o-w-l-y, so I have been keeping myself busy with our house. I am not a big shopper when it comes to clothes, shoes, makeup, etc., but anything to do with home goods or renovations and I am down!

We recently finished the exterior of our home and completed an indoor remodel back in 2006, which included: new drywall, new paint, new windows, new doors, new hot water heater, new electrical, new lighting, new ceiling fans, new appliances, new cabinetry, full bathroom remodels, new tile flooring, and scraping the popcorn ceilings. We basically gutted and remodeled the entire house by ourselves. So now it's time I start going through each room to see what I can improve or add design & decor-wise. The fun part :)

I am currently working on our master bedroom and bathroom. They both need serious help, so don't laugh!

Master Bedroom - current photos

My plans for this room:
  1. Upgrade the dresser and bedside tables - We got the Malm dresser and the matching Malm nightstands in white stained oak from Ikea. I should have waited for the new bed to match it. I wonder if I can stain these?! If so, I will sand & refinish to match the bed.
  2. Add lamps on the bedside tables - Basisk table lamps from Ikea.
  3. Purchase a new bed. We have a great Tempur-Pedic mattress, but it's on a crappy old metal frame, with no foot or head board. It's unstable and loud. We really needed a new bed ;) We just bought this California King Panel Bed at Ashley Furniture. It will be delivered and set up on Friday. Yippee!
  4. Add pillows, shams, a throw, or something-for-the-bed in orange colors to bring a bright color into our tan / brown / gray room. Maybe these polka dot pillow covers or some orange & cream damask covers? I still cannot decide on the perfect orange accents.
  5. Finish the drywall mud around the small window.
  6. Hang chocolate brown curtains on the small window - to match large window.
  7. Replace older closet curtains.We purchased these Merete curtains from Ikea to match the curtains in our extra room, office and living room. They are a grayish brown and have metal eyelets to allow for easier movement. The original closet doors in this house were huge & heavy, so we replaced them all with curtains when we moved in. Best.decision.ever!
  8. Hang photographs or art on each side of the small window. My Mom takes close-ups of flowers, so I have a great selection of orange florals to choose from.
  9. (Maybe) paint a feature wall, most likely the wall with the small window. However, I don't want to make the room feel or look any smaller than it already is. Do I leave it Swiss Coffee? Paint one wall? Ideas on a color?
  10. Replace the burnt out light bulbs.

Master Bathroom - current photos

My plans for this room:
  1. Paint the walls a light baby blue. Inspiration. I purchased a semi-gloss Serene Sky from Behr.
  2. Paint the trim and door in a pure white.
  3. Install the new Grundtal towel hanger/shelf we purchased at Ikea. 
  4. Replace the rusty shower curtain rod.
  5. Replace the rusty vent cover. 
  6. Remove the faux wood blinds and apply a frosted film.
  7. Update the wall art. Likely another flower (white & yellow) from my Mom.
  8. Repair broken shower seat tiles.
  9. Replace the burnt out light bulbs.
  10. Install the exhaust fan. 

I will post pictures and updates when I finish. I hope you enjoy seeing the transformations!

Mrs. B

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    1. Wow, your decoration ideas are simply fantastic! I couldn't wait to start renovating my home. I currently live in one of these Tempe apartments and although the bathroom is already good I want to make it perfect.