Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 28 - A place I love

A place I love.

I grew up visiting my Grandparent's ranch in Ojai, California. My Grandmother's family had owned land in Ojai for many years. Much of it was sold, but approximately 20 acres remained hers. Her and my Grandfather built a home on the land, and later added a house at the front of the property, a guest cottage and just recently three more guest cottages.

As kids, my sister and I explored the ranch, climbed the trees, picked fruit and caught lizards on grass leashes. We loved it and it has remained my favorite place since. When Mr. B proposed, our first decision was where to get married. We decided Ojai would be it, as it means so much to me. We held the ceremony on the lawn outside the main house and then the reception at a local Inn, so we could accommodate all of the wedding party. It was perfect and it made our wedding even more special. I love Ojai <3

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  1. It's gorgeous! And so cool that you could have your wedding in such a personal location.