Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Workout Routine

I am trying to maximize my weight loss on Nutrisystem, so I set a goal to workout at least 5 days a week. I love to be outside for my workouts and I love to mix things up.

Here is what I have been up to or am planning to try...
  • Cycling. The Mr. and I try to road bike every weekend. There is a nice paved 20 mile trail close by.
  • Treadmill. I set the incline as high as it goes (10%) and walk at the 3 speed setting. Sometimes I do walk/run intervals.
  • P90X. Whenever we have to stay inside for our workout, we turn to Tony Horton. He kicks our ass into shape.
  • Hiking. There are several places to hike around here. We just did a hike in Laguna Canyon's wilderness park. There were huge hills, so we got a really good workout. We also took a wrong turn and our 4 mile hike turned into almost 8 miles!
  • Jump Roping. It's tougher than you think. I try to jump rope a few times a week.
  • Kickboxing. The real deal kind, too. Mr. B's co-worker teaches a class once a week. Loved it.
  • Mountain Biking. We just tried this for the first time with Mr. B's cousin. Wow, what a great workout! I think we are going to add mountain bikes to our bike collection.
  • Walks with Apollo. We take the pup out for walks a few times a week.
  • Weight Training/Exercise Ball. I also incorporate my free weights and exercise ball into my workouts throughout the week.
  • Snowshoeing. I haven't done this yet, but I am watching the local snow report so we can hopefully try it this season. It sounds like a lot of fun. 
  • Tennis. I really enjoy playing tennis, but the husband does not. I need to start playing with my Mom more, so I can get better.
  • Horseback Riding. Last but certainly not least, my favorite thing to do :) I need to start making time to ride regularly.

What does everyone do for fitness? Please share :)

"Commit to be fit." Author Unknown

Mrs. B


    1. I just found a Zumba class, and I am loving it! I also get on the elliptical 6 days a week, and try to take walks in there sometimes. Good luck!!

    2. As you know I do P90x but I also do Insanity. Right now Im training for a 10 mile trail run in Waco. On days that Im suppose to do kenpo, plyo, and yoga Im runnning or doing insanity!! Way to stay active girlie!!! You will lose the weight you want in no time!