Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OB Appointment

HMO insurance sucks sometimes ::sigh::

On the advice of the ladies on T-TTC and from everything I have read, I asked my PCP to refer me straight to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. First, I called my insurance company because my HMO group has no RE's. I wanted to be sure I could be referred out to a RE in another group. That call was useless. I am so sick of how vague and confusing medical insurance is. You never really know what will end up being covered or not. Then I called my PCP to change my OB referral to a RE referral. Ha! Yeah right! The nurse promptly called me back and told me that I have to see the OB first. I decided to just go through the process as they suggest. I don't want to end up with huge medical bills because I didn't.

The OB I wanted to see was booked until the end of June, so I chose another doctor in the practice. He is available, well, because he is a "he." I am scheduled for this Thursday. I am planning to ask him for the rx to have the HSG done, and then hopefully ask him to refer me to the RE. I am terrified for the HSG {mostly because I am never the norm when it comes to medical procedures}, but I also want this so bad that I don't care.

Mrs. B


  1. Just came across your blog. I'm terrified of the HSG and have been putting it off for the longest time. Let us know how it goes. Goodluck!

  2. Mrs. B so sorry for the stupid insurance thing. I hate it too. When I go see the RE I have to pay a copay of $50 everytime. It gets so expensive. Last month just for clomid and trigger shot cost me $400 dollars all because of those dang copays and my insurance not covering the trigger shot.

    I hope this OB gets you a referral to a RE and dont worry about the HSG. Take you pain meds/ibupropen and hour before the procedure and it will just feel like af cramps for a few minutes!!

    Best of luck and please post your results!!