Friday, May 13, 2011

All about the kitties

The Mr. and I went to Petsmart last night for cat food and litter, and decided to do some cutesy updating to the cat "food & water station" :) We bought a non-slip mat, two new food bowls and a new water dish.

Their table, before. Dirty & boring. And they were battling over the single food bowl.

The new bowls. So cute.

Best $20 we ever spent. The Scratch Lounge. Baby Girl lives in this thing!

See those positions on the box? They need to add this photo as another and call it Foot In The Air.

Norman loves the cat tree. Even though it's old and missing carpet ;)

Mrs. B

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  1. Too cute! I saw those pet bowls too - they are adorable. So fun to spoil our little furry family members. At our house, the "Leg in the Air" is called doing pilates. :)