Sunday, May 1, 2011

Backyard Renovations Progress

We made lots of progress today with Tom's new home! I didn't include removing the electrical conduit, but we did that too.

But before we get to that, we finally found a gazebo! We didn't have anything to shade the patio since we removed the old cover back in November. We love it!!!!!

Okay, back to Tom's area...

An updated Task List:

  • Remove the pond, fill in & level the dirt and remove current plants
  • Build new walls and move Tom's enclosure over where the pond used to be 
  • Plant a tortoise mix for him to eat, some cactus and shade plants/trees - I haven't received the shipment of new seed yet. Hopefully this week.
  • Build or buy a bench for the Mr. and I to sit and watch Tom. He is so fun to watch and right now we don't have anything good to sit on in his enclosure.
  • Build or buy Tom a new house for sleeping and shade - We built one with leftover wall bricks.
  • Plant a garden in the old part of Tom's enclosure - I need to kill the existing tortoise food, then plant a few flowers around the hammock.

Progress photos:

Building Tom's new walls.

Tom's new walls finished. I still need to plant lots of things in his area, and along the wall where it's shaded by the Avocado tree.

Finished, from another angle.

Apollo watching Tom in his new digs.

Tom loves his new space.

The view from Tom's area.

The hammock in it's new spot.

Next up, after completing the task list above, is building the new dog fence and hanging the new Coolaroo sun shade in the dog run. Then we are 100% complete outside!

Mrs. B

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