Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trying New Recipes

Time to switch topics to food. I love food, as I have mentioned many times, and we love to try new things. I am making a serious effort to start cooking more. I enjoy it, it saves money and keeps us healthy. To encourage that habit, I am going to set a goal to try one to two new recipes each week. Sharing here keeps me accountable. I have a few meals and desserts that I know well and make often, but I want to expand my skills :)

I started today with Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili. We received a slow cooker as a wedding gift and we've never used it, until today. I got the recipe from Skinnytaste. We served ours with a dollop of light sour cream, sprinkled with cheese and with a side of low fat blue corn tortilla chips from Trader Joes. It was delicious!



  1. Oh that sounds yummy. DO you think it could be made sans turkey?

  2. I have recently fallen in love with my slow cooker. I highly recommend the Korean tacos from hootie123's food blog:
    They are amazing and easy. And the house smells so good while they are cooking!

  3. Megan - Maybe you can add a third can of beans instead of the turkey?

    tracysue - Thank you for the link! I need new recipe ideas.