Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beta #2

Beta #2 was 301. They just want to see it double, so this is great news. Beta #3 will be Friday, and the nurse said they usually do the first ultrasound a week from my first beta. This is still so surreal.

I had my favorite nurse again today. She is the absolute best at drawing blood. She gave me a packet with commonly asked questions about the first trimester. I will stay with my RE until 12 weeks, and will have weekly ultrasounds and blood work. I had no idea I would be in that often! They said we can bring a DVD+RW to record the ultrasounds too. How cool.

I also had a very pleasant surprise when I was checking out. I pulled out my Visa to pay for my blood work and she said nope, your insurance pays now. Sweet!!! Kind of annoying that they aren't there when we need help, but whatever. We have racked up almost $7,000 in costs so I was thrilled to hear that, and so was Nick when I told him :)

Thank you all for the comments. They make me smile. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.



  1. So happy your numbers are looking good! And that is really awesome about the weekly ultrasounds; that should really help with feeling nervous. And that's such good news that you don't have to pay anymore either. Wow, lots of good news in this post, congrats!!

  2. We're beta twins (#1 102, #2 312). No #3 for me, but I have my first ultrasound on Tuesday. I can't believe this is really happening! Congratulations to you!!

  3. Great beta! I'm so excited for you! And a major bonus on the insurance coverage. Happy thanksgiving to you!