Friday, December 17, 2010

Something that makes me happy

I have been riding horses for as long as I can remember. Wait. I don't even remember this photo below. So let me re-phrase that. I have been riding horses since before I can remember!

My first real horseback riding lesson was at age 6. My Mom tells me that I was drawn to horses very early on. Once I started riding, I never stopped. It was all I did. I had no extracurricular activities in school because every day I went down to the local stable to ride. 

I have owned three horses in total. My first horse was a psycho LOL! Of course, we didn't know that when we bought him. I actually saved my own money to buy him when I was 14. I think I paid around $1,000 for him. I named him Tucker. He was about five. He was broke to ride, but everything was still new to him. I worked with my trainer, so she helped with training and I took lessons on him. I rode western pleasure at the time. I was always complimented on my seat. I could ride through anything. My trainer would put me on the crazies sometimes because she knew I could stay on. Well, Tucker spooked & reared up one day and flipped us both completely over. I did stay on, because of that great seat, but that meant he landed on me. Thankfully, he did not crush me into oblivion. From that day on, he had "issues." We found him a cowboy, and it was a match made in heaven!

Tucker (and me at 14 - eegads!)

My next horse was a dun mare who I named Maddie. She was a reining horse and an absolute sweetheart. And most importantly, not a psycho! She was always ready to go, as most reining horses are. We enjoyed several years together, riding around at the local stable, even competing in a few shows. I got too busy toward the end of high school and sold her to a nice girl. I miss her still. She was a really great horse.

I jumped on the crazy wagon again and purchased my third horse, while also working at a stable teaching lessons. I love the draft breeds, so I went in search of a Percheron. I wanted a young horse that I could finish training. I found Blake. He was just two and a big sweetheart. I finished his training, moved between three different stables, and then decided to move out of my parent's house. There was no way I could afford rent, bills AND a horse. I found him a nice home with a couple down south of us. He was fun :) And he was the first horse Mr. B was around and fell in love with.

The point of my post was that horseback riding makes me happy. Whenever I am feeling down, I want to ride. Something about being on a horse, feeling each step they take, watching their ears as they take in the sights... it just puts a smile on my face and on my heart. It makes life seem perfect even when you know it's not. It's hard to put into words, but I am sure all of you have something in your life that does that for you. 

What makes you happy?

This song semi-inspired this post.

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