Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Wednesday - Apollo goes to work

I am lucky to work for a small, fun company. Our president/owner has dogs and loves them, so all of us with dogs bring them in every once in a while. We have a new employee this year who has never met Apollo, so I had to bring him in. She reallllly wanted to meet him :) Apollo is about 175 lbs so he can really surprise people who have never met him or a dog like him! He is such a good boy, too. He stays in my cubicle and rolls over for tummy scratches.

 He thought the ornament was a toy :)

The new co-worker made us all handmade ornaments (so cute!!!), and mine had Apollo's face and a dog house on it. LOVE.

My other good friend/co-worker and I exchanged gifts. She got my favorite perfume & the matching lotion. Yay!!!

Another co-worker brought in her homemade Peruvian Aji Verde sauce. Peruvian food is my favorite. The recipe is here.

I love my job and my co-workers! :)

Mrs. B


  1. I love handmade gifts! So sweet.

    I didn't realize how big Apollo was. WOW! He's precious though.