Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I hate hormones

Oh man. I am having one of my horrific hormone headaches today. This sucks.

Let's go back in time first... back to when I first tried birth control to help clear up my acne as a teenager. Shortly after starting the pill, I began having horrible migraine-like headaches. I had beautiful skin, but the headaches were awful. I tried another kind of birth control. I tried the patch. I tried the ring. All of them made my headaches worse and more frequent. My doctor and I decided that I should not take any kind of birth control. But I still got the headaches. At first they were sporadic and made no sense. I had an MRI done and there was nothing abnormal. Now that I am charting, I can see that they are occurring with the shifts in my hormones. When I end my period, I get a bad headache. Right before I ovulate, I get a bad headache. And then right before my period, I get another one. All of those times, one of my many hormones is surging.

These headaches can be debilitating. To the point that I have to go to the ER for IV pain medication, for fear of shooting myself in the head! Not literally, I promise. The pain is just so bad that sometimes that thought crosses my mind :(  They make me so sick that I usually end up vomiting. I have a migraine medication, a pain medication and even anti-nausea suppositories when it gets really bad. There are still times where none of these pills can touch it and I just have to go to the ER or I will break down. Lovely, huh?

Now that we are TTC and I have not been pregnant after almost 9 months, I wonder if my crazy hormones have something to do with it. I mean they give me the most horrific headaches I can ever imagine, so how surprising would it really be if they were f-ing up my reproductive system? After this next cycle, I am going to make a doctor appointment. I think I am due for my yearly exam anyways, so might as well talk to her about my hormones at the same time. I feel better just having a plan for 2011 :)

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