Thursday, June 16, 2011

RE appointment is scheduled!

I called my OB's office today to check on my referral and see if they had received my ultrasound results. Notice I said that I called them? Annoying. My ultrasound arrived to them on Tuesday, the same day I had it done, but the doctor has been out all week. So I am just waiting on him now.

The RE referral was approved for a doctor in my network two days ago. Thanks for letting me know ::sigh:: When I searched, there were no RE's in-network {hey provider, update your systems!} I checked this doctor's website and his reviews online, and he checked out okay. I called and they had an appointment available June 24th at one of their two office locations. The Mr. and I took that day off of work in case we decided to go out of town for my birthday, so he is going with me. Perfect! We will have a consult, physical and ultrasound, and hopefully decide on a plan.

My referral shows my Infertility coverage, or lack thereof, as: 50% copay for hospital services, injectables/treatment, labs, office visits & surgical treatment. Not covered - IUI, IVF, GIFT and ZIFT. For example, the first consult appointment will be a $100 co-pay. I can see these costs adding up quickly. We sold our spare car today and are saving that money for fertility treatments. Thank you, Honda Civic. You will be missed, but your sacrifice is greatly appreciated :)

There has been lots of pregnancy announcements on the T-TTC board. I am so, so happy for all of them! It makes my day to read those posts. Most of the time I truly feel like I will never get pregnant, but seeing their success brings me so much hope.

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." Author Unknown

Mrs. B


  1. Wonderful quote at the end. So fitting during this time. And I feel ya on those costs adding up. Oh, how I wish IF were covered by all insurance companies at a reasonable rate!

  2. So glad that things are moving along and you have a plan! It's great that you are getting into the RE so soon. I'm always so hopeful for you, I can't wait for your announcement. It WILL happen!!

  3. Awesome news! :) I'm so glad you are finally able to get the ball rolling! Thinking of you! :)

  4. Good luck at the RE! I'm so excited you get to go pretty soon. I hope you don't have to see him for long though!!

  5. So happy you are getting to see the RE and cant wait to hear what they do for you guys! Best of luck to you girlie!! You know Im a quote girl and thats one of my favs!!! I have everything crossed for you!