Friday, June 17, 2011

I miss you so much, Grandpa

I can't believe it's been one year already. On June 17th, 2010, my Grandpa {on my Mom's side} unexpectedly passed away from cancer. It was the hardest day of my life. It was made worse because my sister and I were supposed to go visit him in the hospital that weekend and he died before we could get there. She and I will always be bothered by that. There were things we wanted to say to him. Things we wanted to promise him. Things we wanted to thank him for. We should have called, but we didn't know. None of us knew how bad it was. I try to take comfort that we saw him a week and a half prior, when he was doing well and we were clueless to how bad things had gotten. And that he made it to our wedding and hosted our Shoe Game {thank you Rachel for catching that on camera for us. We will be forever grateful!}

I am sad that my future children won't ever get to meet him. I will make sure they know everything about him. He taught me many things, mostly significantly to appreciate wildlife and nature. And of course how to give a real hug! I will never forget his squeeze :) He made the world a better place while he was here, and I am so proud to call him my Grandpa.

 Back in 1993, with all the kids, in Baja. What an amazing memory.

 This is how I always think of him. Smiling happily, enjoying nature.

My Grammie wrote a poem for his obituary. He was an amazing poet himself, so I know he would have loved it.

For Jim, June 17, 2010

Dawn was his favorite time.
Young  geese spread out across the sky.
Watching in awe, he’d whisper,
It’s not their time to die.

Strong arms around me,
faint warmth giving.
He held me close.
Too soon to be done with living.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers are headed your way! There are no words that I could use to make you feel better, but just know I'm thinking of you! :)