Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The stressful part (for me, at least) is over!

We have done all we can to get pregnant this cycle, so now it's just a waiting game. I have to toot my our own horns this cycle. We had some pretty awesome timing this month and I am so, so happy about that. Even if this wasn't our cycle, I am thrilled at our efforts ;) We will find out if I am pregnant while we are on our Panama cruise. That can be good or bad. It may even be the day of Thanksgiving that we find out. It would be pretty cool to be thankful for something like that this year. I don't test anymore until Aunt Flow is late. It hurts less than seeing a Big Fat Negative.

Because of this great timing, I just know I am getting my hopes up. Even when I tell myself over & over again in my head to not get too excited, I do. Pretty much every day, at least once, I think about it and wonder if this might be it. Yeah, I am obsessed at this point. I will admit it. But it's just a reflection of how excited I am to be a Mom. Oh, and Mr. B? He is just as excited as I am. On Sunday night we were laying in bed and he started talking about how excited he is to have a daughter or son, to play with their little fingers and teach him/her everything. Then he started throwing out boy names (since we have already agreed on a girl name) and we both lay there in the dark, discussing the ones we liked or hated. It was a sweet moment that made my heart swell. It's different for Dad's. They don't carry the baby for 9 months. So hearing him say all of those things made me smile and think about how lucky I am and how great of a Dad he is going to be.

On the house front, we are getting close to being finished with all of the exterior work! I am super excited to share the start to finish photos with all of you, but I am waiting until everything is done. Trust me, it's hard. I want to post about it every day because the transformation is so cool. And then we are surprising our families on the 20th with a smoked turkey dinner and a look at the finished house.

"Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad." Author Unknown

Mrs. B

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