Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A random post on a random Wednesday

First, welcome new readers :) I hope I can keep you all entertained!

My friend/co-worker and I went shopping today. Yes, during work. What? We don't take our two 15 minute breaks and we sit at our desks at lunch, so I think we are entitled to some mid-day shopping :)

Umm, I love Urban Outfitters! I think it is now officially my favorite store ever. How awesome is this?! I have to find someone to give this to for Christmas:

I wish it got super cold here so I could rock this hat everywhere:
I think I will buy one anyways and make a trip to the local mountains with hubby and our dog, and play in the snow with it on. 

Speaking of hubby, he HATES boots. Especially Uggs and super furry ones. So every time I am out and see some especially obnoxious ones, I snap a photo and send it to him.

Like this one...

Or this fabulous one from today...

DH and I are leaving next Wednesday for Florida to catch our cruise to Panama. I have to switch my wardrobe over to shorts, dresses and a bathing suit. Yikes. But I am very excited about getting away on a much needed vacation. The house is almost done. I should have that blog post (minus our new sliding patio door that is on order) up this weekend! I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats for me to post it. Don't lie.

That's all for now, folks.

Mrs. B

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  1. EEK! I cannot stand "dead animal boots" hahahha, my DH and I send pics of people wearing them to each other!