Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A small bleeding episode

I haven't had any bleeding, whatsoever, since my first positive pregnancy test in November. So I completely freaked out when I saw a bit of blood when I wiped in the bathroom yesterday. It happened about four times total, not a whole lot, but it was bright red. Baby boy was moving around a lot, so that did ease my mind a bit.

I called my OB and they sent me in for an ultrasound yesterday afternoon. I've never been to the hospital imaging center, just to my OB's office for ultrasounds. Oh man, it's so different. First, the tech asked me what we were looking for. Umm - shouldn't you know?!?! I told her I have no idea, just that I had some bleeding and my OB sent me in. She said that there must have been some miscommunication because the appointment {made by my OB's office} is listed as a first trimester screening and it only says "confirm viability." That's probably a good start, to check that my baby is still alive. ::sigh:: I told her straight to her face "I am very worried that you have no idea what you are looking for." She said she would take a bunch of images to check the baby and my cervix, and then see if the doctor needed anything more. It was quick and I didn't get to see much, but she said that my cervix was long and closed like they would want to see at this point. They called my doctor and then sent me home, saying there was nothing obviously wrong or serious happening.

The nurse at my OB office called me later that afternoon and said that my doctor saw nothing to be concerned about. My placenta was moving off my cervix like they wanted. She said to take it easy; no heavy lifting, no exercise, no sex, drink lots of fluids and keep my feet up. I haven't been unusually active or anything. I wish they could pinpoint why it's happening now. My nurse called this morning to check on me and I told her I haven't seen any more blood. Then an hour later, there was a little red blood when I wiped. He is moving around like crazy and I'm not in any pain, but I can't help but worry :( It was just once today, so I am continuing to take it easy and hoping that there is none tomorrow.

On a happier note; Nick and I were watching a movie last night and baby boy started moving a lot so I lifted up my shirt to see if Nick could see my belly move. We both watched in awe as his foot or hand would push my belly out. Nick made me laugh after each movement, asking me "what is he doing in there?!" It's so fascinating to think a little human is making those movements :) It was definitely a moment I won't ever forget.



  1. Just after I hit 24 weeks I wiped and had a decent amount of blood. Enough that we went straight to L& D. They couldn't find any evidence of it at all. It never happened again. Bleeding is the scariest thing but many times nothing is wrong. My 8 week old is perfectly healthy! I hope you don't see any more bleeding and I'm sure everything is fine!

  2. So sorry that happened. It must have been so scary! I'm glad they didn't find anything wrong though, and the fact that your placenta is moving is a good sign. I hope you don't have any more episodes!

  3. I spent a night in hospital with my second son with something very similar except I lost a LOT of blood. Toilet bowl was bright red and out of panic I got contractions to start. I was 30 weeks. In hospital a scan showed all was well. The contractions stopped and I was monitored overnight as the blood turned to brown and they let me go home under the provision that if it happened again I would be in longer. They never got to the bottom of it, I never had it again and after thinking I was going to have a very prem baby he was 4 days early. Just take it as an opportunity to rest up and trust your instincts. Xxx