Monday, April 23, 2012

26 weeks

How far along: 26w
Total weight gain/loss: +17 pounds.
How big is Baby: Baby is about the length of an English hothouse cucumber, or approximately 14 inches long.
Maternity Clothes: Definitely. I tried out my new maternity swimsuit this weekend and I loved it.
Sleep: He woke me up a lot this past week. I wake up at least four times a night and sometimes I cannot get back to sleep. I seem to get the best rest from 4 to 7 am.
Movement: All the time! He is very active. Sometimes his kick is so forceful, my entire belly moves. My Mom was able to see his movement this weekend while we were laying by the pool.
Food cravings: Fruit, especially pineapple. I am always hungry these days, even in the middle of the night when he wakes me up, ha!
Food aversions: Nada.
Gender: It's a BOY!
Symptoms: Lower back pain. Calf cramps. LOTS of movement. Stretching and growing belly. Peeing every five minutes. 
Best moment this week: We finalized the fabric for the glider and ottoman! Swimming - it felt great to be weightless. My pedicure. I haven't had one in so long. It's especially awesome when you're pregnant.
What I am looking forward to:  My sister comes home tomorrow! Our Las Vegas trip, our Ojai trip, the 3D ultrasound and birthing class in May, and then the baby shower in June. We have another busy month ahead and so much to look forward to :)

We were staying with my parents over the weekend, as our house was tented for termites. I am so grateful to have them close by and so accommodating. I think I overdid it yesterday. My Mom and I went on a small hike and then took the dogs for a walk. We also went swimming and to get pedicures. At the nail salon, I had some sharp pains on the underside of my belly. Then this morning I saw more blood when I wiped. I am going to discuss with Dr. L at my next appointment, but I think I need to hold off on exercise right now. I am usually a go, go, go kind of person, so it's hard for me to stop. But I need to listen to my body.


  1. Congrats on 26 weeks! Sounds like you have a lot of great plans coming up. Enjoy! Hope the doctor gives you some peace of mind soon.

    P.S. Very pretty maternity shirt :)

  2. Hope this silly spotting goes away for good!

    LOVE that bathing suit, btw. I want to bookmark it for the (very) distant future. LOL