Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We surprised my Grandma {my Mom's Mom} this past weekend at her ranch. I had a custom onesie made that said "I love my Great Grandma" with a picture of a sheep, her favorite animal. I wrapped it up as an early Christmas gift. She was suspicious from the get go :) We attempted to catch some great photos and video, but that was a big fail. Oops. We did get a couple good photos:

 You can see her hugging me on the far right :)

 And Apollo too.

She told me that I gave her the best Christmas gift she has ever received. She was so happy. The next morning she told me that she had a dream that my Grandpa was holding a baby. It's evident how much this means to her, especially after losing him in 2010.



  1. Oh my gosh...when I read about the dream your grandmother had I got chills.

    I am so happy for you.

  2. The joy in her face in the second photo is just beautiful. She is definitely so very excited! Great pics by the way!

  3. That's amazing :) I love the second picture. It's pure joy!

  4. This post made me cry! Love the photos!