Friday, May 30, 2014

5 week ultrasound

We saw the gestational sac, just like with G's pregnancy. It's not a very exciting ultrasound. It lasted about .5 seconds, but it was good to see what we wanted and expected to see at this point.

How far along.... 4 weeks, 6 days

How am I feeling.... I am feeling very different from last time. Mornings are good, but as the day goes on, I start to feel pretty crappy. Headaches and achy. And just yesterday, having some nausea after eating. I am very excited and happy though. Each time we get good news, I breathe a little easier. It's still so crazy to me that we know baby is a girl. I am always saying "she" and it kinda trips me out!

How is baby doing.... Well, she is teeny tiny, so not a lot to report. My hope is that she is here for the long haul and getting comfy :)

Milestones.... First ultrasound! We also shared the news with our families and close friends. We were very open on IG and FB with this whole process, but we aren't sure when we will share this news with the "whole world" yet. Maybe after we see the heartbeat? Still deciding.


  1. She's beautiful! K

  2. congratulations on your baby girl. I'm so happy for you! have a happy and healthy 9 months.

  3. Best picture ever!!! SHE is gorgeous ;) so happy for you!

  4. AHHHHH!!! Okay so I am NEVER on here and am the worst blogger friend ever but I JUST saw your amazing news friend! CONGRATS on baby #2 - a little girl! So so happy for you momma!!! :):):)

  5. Yay!!! So happy to see things are going well. Xoxo.