Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shots Shots Shots


Boy, these progesterone shots are serious business! The actual shot is easy, and my husband does a wonderful job. It's the bruising and lumps each one leaves. And thinking of how much longer these may go on! It can be overwhelming. Nick told me it feels like he goes to sleep and wakes up giving me shots. Yep, you are honey :) I've only ever used Progesterone suppositories so this is all new to me. It's just another piece to the puzzle and something I have to do. I am looking forward to working from home on my three days of bed rest because I can plug my heating pad in and sit on it all day. 

Then add in all the pills. I can't even keep track of them, ha! I am going to buy a pill organizer today so I don't forget anything. Today I added in antibiotics and another steroid, Medrol, for the next four days. Let's see, that's a total of 10 pills to take today, not counting my prenatals.

Of course this is all worth it because it's preparing the best environment for our little embryo. I am so, so anxious for tomorrow. I wish I could just fast forward and know how this is going to turn out. Nick is off work tomorrow so we are going to breakfast and then the transfer. I'll be working from home the next three days and staying sedentary through the weekend. Beta is scheduled for May 24th.



  1. Best of luck!!!! I don't know if you have tried a heating pad after each shot, it made a huge difference for me. Sending you all the sticky vibes for the next week!!! so exciting!

  2. I am almost in tears with excitement!!! Oh how I remember the night before the transfer like it was yesterday. You guys are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Excited for this next step for you, snuggle in sweet baby girl! You have so many that love you and are rooting for you.