Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The medications have arrived!

Here they are!!!!

It's beginning to feel real. We are doing IVF. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend Infertility Inferschmility. The author turned her blog into a book and it's been so helpful to follow along her IVF cycle while preparing for ours. Plus, she is hilarious.

I feel out of place, in a way. My journey feels backwards and I don't know where to fit in in the IF world. I have a child, and we were able to get pregnant with him with an IUI and injects. We thought what worked before could work again, but after four IUI's, it didn't. I also didn't end up as one of those who gets a surprise after treatments. We are now moving onto the "end of the road" option, as far as fertility treatments go. I know of a few other IF ladies who have ended up in this same position, but not many of them. I feel like an outcast, ha! I am also unexplained so we don't know why things aren't working. I am guessing that we may know more once we look at how our embryos do after fertilization. 

We are waiting for my cycle to start and off we go! It should be here in the next week or so. I never know exactly when anymore, since I've been on and off treatments and that messes with my cycle length. I am excited to hopefully be on our way to baby #2 and terrified at what these meds will do to me. I already warned Nick ;) 

I have to end this post with our little man. He makes our lives so happy and reminds me, every day, why I am putting myself through all of this. 



  1. Thanks for the book rec! Good luck!! IVF is scarey but take it one day at a time and you'll make it through.

  2. That is so exciting! People have no idea how many drugs it takes to achieve a pregnancy for some of us! Good Luck!! will get together soon!

  3. Good luck Megan! I'm sending you so much love!!!

  4. Good luck dear! You are a brave person fighting for what your heart desires. It will come.

  5. Wishing you the best!!!! I pray this is your time.

  6. Yay (that seems cruel to be excited about ivf)! But as an ivf mama, I have so much hope for you guys. Rooting for you always.

  7. Good luck! You and Nick amaze me. Crossing everything I can cross for baby #2!!!