Monday, March 24, 2014

Cycle Update

It's been pretty boring so far, but I thought I would post an update anyways. Tomorrow is my last day of the Aygestin pills. I started the Lupron last night. It was super easy and painless. I love these "pain-free" insulin needles! I've actually been feeling good, physically. No migraines or headaches, so far. I have a crazy appetite. I see myself gaining weight quickly. It's been the emotional side that's been a bit more difficult, but I will get through it. We have been very open about our IVF. I posted about it on my IG and FB and we talk about it with friends and family when they ask. It's been great to have their support.

I go to my first acupuncture appointment at the new place tomorrow. Our yoga class was canceled last week {boooo!} so I am hoping to go this week. Otherwise, we are finishing up house projects and enjoying our little man. We took the train down to San Diego yesterday and spent the day together. It was a nice break from everything we have going on and Grayson loved the children's museum.

The Watermelon Boat at New Children's Museum



  1. I'm so excited for you and glad the physical side effects aren't too bad so far. I hope this is it for you! I remember my second cycle the 2ww was INTENSE so if you need to take your mind off of it let me know!!!

  2. It's so much better to not keep these things to yourself, right? I'm so glad you have the support of your family and friends. For me personally, that takes a lot of the stress out of it right away by just not having to keep secrets. I'm excited for this cycle! Good luck!