Sunday, March 2, 2014

Migraine Update

I just counted my T.oradol pills. I had 50 to start when I filled my prescription, 23 days ago. I just took my eighth one!! Wowza. I thought it seemed like I have been having these migraines more often and I was right. And I hate it. Yes, my new med combination takes the edge off, but I hate taking so much of it. I just want to feel good and healthy. I can't tell you how much this pain wears on me.

My hormones must be especially out of whack because last cycle was a treatment cycle with lots of different hormones injected into me, and now I'm off of everything. 

I am terrified for the IVF meds. Everyone talks about the Lupron headaches. Wonderful. The only saving grace is that Dr. A said I can take any medications I need during the prep and stimming phase of the cycle.

Is it sad that I am REALLY looking forward to menopause and the hopeful end of these horrible headaches?!?!

I am going to read my new IF book, Infertility Inferschmility, which is really good so far, and hope this migraine eases up soon.


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  1. Seriously. I can't even imagine how awful that is. I've had migraines a handful of times in my life and they are HORRIBLE. Praying you get some relief soon. xoxo