Saturday, June 23, 2012

Updated To-Do List

Almost done! :)
  1. Schedule a 3D ultrasound 
  2. Register for a birthing class
  3. Register for a breastfeeding class
  4. Schedule my maternity massage. My Dad gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. I can't wait!
  5. Complete cord blood registry 
  6. Buy the rest of his things after our shower - Amazon: mattress, changing pad & cover, diapers, wipes, bath tub, crib pads, nursing cover, baby gate. Babies R Us: diaper bag, cloth diapers, mittens, hangers.
  7. Thank You notes for our shower gifts
  8. Find a pediatrician 
  9. Pack the hospital bag. Love this blog post about what you should and should not pack.
  10. Install the car seat 
  11. Tour the last daycare on our list
  12. Finish the nursery:
    1. sew the elephant mobile - in progress!
    2. hang shelves - one shelf is done, one to go.         
    3. hang frames - three are done over the crib. Still need to hang the gallery wall.
    4. order photos & prints for the frames
    5. hang closet curtains
    6. install new smoke alarm 
    7. hang mirror
    8. wash all his clothes and blankets
    9. order the custom crib bedding 
Here is a rendering of his bedding. I am SO excited to see it :)
{p.s. I am not planning to use the bumpers until he is older and past the SIDS risk}


  1. Love the bedding! Not much left to do :) you're getting sooo close! Ahhhh!! :D

  2. Love the bedding! The rendering is so cute!