Friday, June 8, 2012

An eventful appointment

I went in today for my routine OB appointment and ended up in labor and delivery for 3 1/2 hours. My blood pressure was reading 160/80, and was on the higher end at my last appointment too, so she sent me to labor & delivery to monitor us both, and get blood work to check my liver and platelets. I'll admit - I was scared. I was taken to a room, changed into a gown and was hooked up to the monitors and a BP cuff. It felt like the real deal.

Grayson looked great and was moving around a lot, as usual. My blood pressure did come down. It got back down to 125/80. However, I was having a lot of contractions on the monitor so the nurse did the ffN test. A negative means {for 99% of women} that there is no risk of preterm labor for two weeks. It was negative, so that's good. Dr. L already told me to take it easy and the hospital put me on modified bed rest. Basically I go to work and that's it. They said the goal right now is to get to 35 weeks. I will also be monitored more closely until I deliver. I am scheduled to go to the hospital twice a week to check baby's amniotic fluid levels and have a fetal non-stress test (NST), and then to my regular OB appointments once a week.

My Mom is coming over tomorrow to do one last shopping trip and then help me wash his stuff and get things put away, while Nick finishes up some house projects. We are scrambling now to get everything ready with this news that Grayson may be coming sooner than we thought. Nick made me laugh when I called him to tell him I made it to the hospital room. Our mattress arrived today and the last thing he asked before he left for the hospital was "Should I put the mattress in the crib?!?!" I think I really freaked him out! My goal is 37 weeks, since he will be considered full term then. In the meantime, I have grand plans to do absolutely nothing :)



  1. Thinking of you!! I'm so glad the ffn test was negative...hang in there Grayson!

  2. Wow! So glad everything is ok!

  3. OMG - if you need ANYTHING, let me know. I think we should just bring in a bunch of DVDs to the office and you can just keep your door closed and watch those. Maybe Vampire Diaries? ;)