Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First NST

I am up at 4:30am thanks to some seriously painful indigestion. That is one thing I won't miss once he is here :(

We had our first NST yesterday afternoon and everything looked great. My blood pressure was 124/69. Grayson looked great on the monitors. My amniotic fluids are measuring at 14. He was even taking practice breathes, strengthening his chest muscles. It was great to see him again on the ultrasound. It's been a while and he's so big now! Hopefully everything continues to look good like this. I go back to my OB on Friday and have another NST after that appointment.



  1. Oh man girl! Sounds like you had the same monitoring I did! Hang in there!! Your amniotic fluids sound great! Mine were ranging from 4-7 so hopefully that baby cooks a little longer! Sending thoughts your way!! :)

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  3. SO glad everything looked great! I'm glad you got to see Grayson, too. Aren't the practice breaths neat?!

    (PS: Hm. Apparently, I posted this under some random name earlier...I think my friend's google account was signed in on my computer!)