Thursday, June 7, 2012

Braxton Hicks

I had them for the first time last night. I know they are normal, but honestly, they kinda freaked me out. It was a mild cramping feeling that came every 10 minutes or so until I fell asleep. I was also having some lower back pain with them. It is exciting that my body is getting ready for labor though.

We are almost ready too. The mattress and changing pad will be here tomorrow, and a bunch of diapers & wipes, crib pads and bath pad will arrive next week. I think I am going to order custom bedding from Etsy seller modifiedtot. She has really fun and bright fabric, perfect for his room. We bought a bunch of little stuff at Target last night and we have a Babies "R" Us trip planned for Saturday for most of the rest. We are stocking up. I can't believe my due date is just seven weeks away!!!

I'll leave you with a silly picture of Beeg. She loves to sleep in the sunshine :)


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  1. This all sounds so exciting! The crib sets look great, I can't wait to see what you choose!