Monday, January 23, 2012

13 weeks

No more weekly ultrasounds with the RE :( I will miss those.
I will start bump photos next week instead.

How far along: 13 weeks. Some websites say I am in the second trimester now and some say this is my last week in the first trimester. Regardless, time feels like it's flying right now!
Total weight gain/loss: None
How big is Baby: Baby is about the size of a peach, or 2.9 inches long!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I love them! My pre-pregnancy shirts still fit, but I am in maternity pants only. My Old Navy stuff should be here tomorrow.
Sleep: Sleep is good. I do wake up on my back and it's uncomfortable. I think I am going to buy this body pillow and see if it helps.
Movement: Not yet. I can't wait! The u/s tech told me that I have a posterior placenta and should really be able to feel baby once he starts moving :) From what I have read, most women begin to feel baby move between week 16 and 25.
Food cravings: Fish tacos {in limited amounts of course}, granola bars, cereal, soup, salads, bread, Sour Patch Kids, smoothies, waffles, peanut butter & honey sandwiches, bean & cheese burritos, tortilla chips, and rice.
Food aversions: Meat {chicken, pork & beef}
Gender: We are 90% sure baby is a BOY! I scheduled a gender scan for February 6th to confirm.
Symptoms: Nausea and dry heaving/gagging. Fatigue. Round Ligament Pain.
Best moment this week: The NT scan was amazing. It's also been so fun to see how excited Nick is about this baby. He is going to be an amazing Dad.
What I am looking forward to: Confirming baby is a boy in two weeks.

Today is the Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! This weekend is the Tet Festival. I always look forward to it, and now I am especially excited to share this part of our baby's culture with him {Nick's momma is Vietnamese}. This year is a good year to be born too; it's the Chinese year of the Dragon. Pretty exciting stuff for our little boy :)

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  1. Happy New Year and Happy 13 Weeks! I am so happy things are still going well, and I CANNOT wait until your gender scan =)