Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our last IUI

Aunt Flow showed up today, so it's on to cycle 19 and our last IUI. That's a scary thought.

I called Dr. A's office and the nurse went over my medications and costs. She ordered me Follistim, the Novarel trigger and progesterone suppositories. Just the medications alone are $1,009. Yikes. I go in Saturday morning for my baseline ultrasound and to go over my medications, then again on Tuesday to see how I am responding. From there, they will see me for a monitoring ultrasound and estrogen blood work {approximately} every other day until I am ready to trigger. The frequency of the monitoring will depend on how I respond.

I really hope this works, more than ever before.

Mrs. B


  1. I am praying for you that this is your cycle!

  2. Good luck! I really hope injects are the last step for you. Keeping my fingers crossed!