Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Infertility Friends

I was reading an article about pregnancy between Infertility friends on Resolve's website. This paragraph summed up how it feels to experience Infertility:

"The experience of infertility plunges people into contact with the outermost reaches of their humanity. Infertility is a profound crisis that threatens identity, relationships, and continuity. It threatens one’s sense of the world, it disturbs beliefs and assumptions, and it belies safety and security. It is an emergency that uses up coping skills, and depletes resources; people start to run on empty as their chronic stress levels move into the area of trauma. Infertility can shut people down emotionally, it necessarily limits and narrows; people are functioning in “emergency mode,” a black and white vantage point that oversimplifies for the purpose of survival. This is not the best place to understand the complexities of human interactions, or the perspective of the “other;” this is a time to survive, and everything else may feel inessential, a luxury."  Anne F. MalavĂ©, PhD

Speaking of this article, I have several e-friends who have Infertility. Some of them are pregnant and some of them are still cycling. I am truly so happy when they get pregnant, and I stay in touch and read their blogs and share in their joy. Isn't that the point of this journey?! For us all to be Moms? I hope all of you know that <3

Mrs. B


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I also like following peoples' journeys from infertility up through pregnancy...before my bfp, it definitely gave me hope. I know not everyone feels that way, and I can honestly understand that. However, I'm *so* glad/grateful for all the support you continue to give me =) I can't wait to follow your BFP and pregnancy journey too!

  2. I read that exact article on Resolve's website a few days ago. It also struck me. I'm thinking about you and rooting for you always!