Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy peasy!

I started the Follistim injections on Saturday night. It was much easier than I anticipated. I am using a Follistim Pen, so it's pretty fool proof. My antral follicle count was 14. I started with 100 IU per day, for three days. I go back to the RE tomorrow for an ultrasound and blood work to see how I am responding and then go from there.

This past weekend was fun. I finally, after 12 years, surprised Mr. B :) I couldn't believe it, but it worked. He had a great party with all of our friends and some family, and more gifts than he has ever received. He said it was the best birthday he has ever had ::blushing::

The Cake, with Apollo and his two favorite toys.

Now if I can just give him the best gift of all, to be a Father, before he is 31.

Mrs. B


  1. Way to go on surprising your husband Mrs. B! Got my fingers crossed for you that you will give him that beautiful baby by the time he is 31!

  2. I'm glad the shots are going well! Don't you wish they were all in pen form? So much easier than all the mixing! Good luck tomorrow :)

  3. Ah, that's so sweet! I just threw my husband a party for his 40th, but I can't keep a secret to save my life, so he knew months in advance he was having it. Way to go on being able to surprise!