Friday, September 9, 2011

The cherry on top

The Clomid especially sucked this cycle and then I got the cherry on top... I didn't respond well this time :( At today's ultrasound, I had just one 17-18mm follicle. Dr. A said it happens. He told me to come back on Sunday to see if I am ready to trigger. He wants to see it at 20mm or larger. That being said, I don't have any hope for this cycle now.

I asked him what he thought about injects next time and he said that would be his recommendation, and that he is confident I will respond well. Because there is more frequent monitoring with injects, we will likely have to skip October. We will be gone for a week in Florida. It's back to the old-fashioned way of getting pregnant, ha! It will be nice to take a break from all the doctor appointments and hot flashes, but I know I will be anxious for November to get here!

my lucky polka dot socks :)
Mrs. B


  1. Aww, don't give up on this cycle just yet sweetie! I only had one follie at 18mm when they checked too and I though for sure the cycle was going nowhere, but sometimes you just get surprised. I really hope that this cycle ends up shocking you in the end (in a good way of course).

  2. I agree--don't give up yet! I obviously didn't respond at all to clomid, but back when my RE thought I would, she told me the point was to create 1 or 2 really nice, strong follies. It looks like the one you have is doing well, and it only takes one good one :) Crossing my fingers for you!

  3. I'm sorry you didn't respond as well as hoped :( My fingers are crossed for you this cycle!

  4. Don't give up hope yet, all you need is one! Hope this is your cycle.