Monday, October 21, 2013

Negative Again

Blah. I only ended up with one mature follicle this time so my hopes were crushed early on. And my intuition was right. I was on 100 IU of Follistim for all seven days of stims! More than any other cycle and I get just one! My body sucks and appears to be getting worse. Sigh.

I am not sure what to do now. We will be taking a break next cycle as Nick is out of town for work in November. Do we try another IUI, maybe on a higher dose of meds? Do we move onto IVF? My plan is to talk to Dr. A about our options and what he thinks and go from there.

I never imagined it would be just as difficult this time around. Never ever.

IUI #2 
October 2013
CD3 - CD9: 100 IU Follistim

CD1 9/28/13
CD3 baseline u/s
CD6 u/s and b/w = {R: 14, 13, 12 / L: 10 / lining 5.9mm}
CD8 u/s and b/w = {R: 20, 14 / lining 8mm}
CD10 u/s and Novarel injection = {R: 25, 16 / lining 10.6mm}
CD11 u/s and IUI 2.1 = {R: 26, 18} Post wash sperm count = 30 million
CD12 u/s and IUI 2.2 = I ovulated the biggie! 17mm on the right was still visible on u/s. Post wash sperm count = 29.5 million
8dpo Progesterone b/w = 18
12dpo = BFN


  1. :( I'm sorry. That lack of response must be so discouraging.

  2. Im sorry. I hope your Dr. can help you make a plan.

  3. I'm so, so sorry. Hoping third times the charm. :)

  4. Hi I just wanted to share some info, after weaning I wanted to try and regulate my cycles and I had heard about this supplement called Inositol having lots of success with that and also inducing ovulation. However we were not ttc, it took me 6yrs to have my son and he was conceived on our 3rd FET so you can imagine my face when two months after starting this supp I saw a positive pregnancy test crazy. So now I just want everyone to know about it, you can also take it along with your treatment while ttc.

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  6. Megan, So sorry to hear about this. Sounds like we could use a venting day over our failed IUI's.
    PS ours failed too! so discourage! It never gets easier!