Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Number Two - IUI #1 Recap

We didn't waste any time. We started our first treatment cycle for baby Number Two on the first cycle after our consult with Dr. A in August. I called in on CD 1 and they ordered my Follistim, Novarel and Progesterone. We had no infertility coverage last time, so we paid for all of our testing and treatments out of pocket. This time around we have some Infertility coverage. What a difference. My meds last time cost me $1,009. This time, just a $65 co-pay!!!

I felt awful the entire cycle, but the cycle seemed to go well. I started at a lower dose of Follistim and then he had to increase the dosage for the last four days. We had two, maybe three, mature follicles when I triggered and I am assuming I ovulated later on CD12 because the ultrasound that morning still showed follicles. Much less craziness than Grayson's IUI cycle when I had six or seven mature follicles and was almost canceled. It does appear that I am not responding as well as I did with that cycle either. I am not sure why, but it bummed me out. Anyways, just wanted to give you all a rundown of that IUI cycle. I also like having a reference to look back at.

IUI #1
September 2013
CD3 - CD5: 75 IU Follistim
CD6 - CD7: 100 IU Follistim
CD8 - CD9: 100 IU Follistim

CD1 9/2/13
CD3 baseline u/s
CD6 u/s and b/w = ? {R: 11, 12 / L: 11, 12}
CD8 u/s and b/w = 99 {R: 13, 13, 15 / L: 13, 13 / lining 6.3mm}
CD10 u/s = {R: 20, 19 / L: 17 / lining 8.3mm} Trigger day - Novarel injection.
CD11 u/s and IUI 1.1 {R: 24, 23 / L: 17} 18.5 million motile sperm
CD12 u/s and IUI 1.2 {R: 20 / L: 18} 20 million motile sperm
Progesterone suppositories twice a day
7dpo Progesterone b/w = 17
12dpo = BFN
14dpo = BFN

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  1. Hello Megan, I wish you luck in your quest for number two. I know I have been thinking about it myself. This is the first time I have visited your blog, but I always find kinship with ladies who have struggled to conceive. I am so jealous that you have some fertility coverage! That is the reason we won't be trying with medical assistance again. IVF and FET was incredibly expensive and we are going to have to hope for a miracle.
    Keep that hope alive and I will be cheering you along.
    Come visit me sometime, ADSchill