Sunday, October 28, 2012

Three Months

Three months old?!?! Are you kidding me?! Crazy.

He loves:
  • His Momma :) He is definitely attached to me, but that's to be expected when I spend every single day with him and we are exclusively breast feeding.
  • But he also adores his Dad! The way he watches him is so sweet. I can tell he is really going to look up to him and learn from him. 
  • He thinks it's funny when Apollo runs around the backyard with his toys. He also watches the cats when they are close by, usually rubbing on his feet. I'm sure he will love animals as much as Nick and I do.
  • He loves when I sing to him, and I love to sing along to the radio. I am certain he is the only one who loves my voice, so it makes me feel like a million bucks :)
  • Staring at himself in the mirror. He gets the biggest grin on his face and talks up a storm.
  • He loves bath time! He splashes more and more each time.
  • He likes to face outward when we carry him. He loves to see what's going on around him. I want to buy a front facing carrier, I just need to try some on.
  • The ceiling fans. Loves to watch those blades spin around. He even talks to them on occasion.
  • Sitting up. He prefers to sit on our lap or in his Bumbo, and when he is done with laying down, he props himself up on his elbows and tries to sit up on his own. Such a big boy already :) 
  • He loves to "talk" and we love it. The other day, I carried him into the bank with me and he was smiling and talking to the teller. That was a first. He talks all day long, but especially in the mornings. Nick and I sit and converse with him on his changing pad every morning and it's absolutely my favorite time of day. Right now he says "owww", "gooo", and "ahhh", and several other sounds. 

Other tidbits about being three months old:
  • He still spits up. I am avoiding dairy products to see if it helps. I still don't think it's reflux because most of the time he isn't fussy before or after. It does seem to be getting better.
  • He is reaching for and holding his toys now! He also puts them into his mouth.

  • He rolls onto his side on his playmat and is a pro at tummy time.
  • His "crying for no reason" stage is gone. He will yell now, which gives me time to fix the problem before he has a total meltdown. If he is crying, he either wants to sit on our lap or be held, has an upset tummy or more rarely - because I stay on top of it before he cries - he is hungry.
  • He is a very happy baby, always smiling at everyone, and even giggling now too.
  • He still goes everywhere with us and seems to enjoy being on the go. I can breastfeed practically anywhere now and that feels great. I like that freedom and I finally have 100% confidence with BFing in public. I do use a cover, but I still felt awkward in the beginning. Not anymore :)
  • He is wearing 3 month, 3-6 month and some 6 month clothes.
  • He is wearing size 1 diapers, but is almost ready for size 2. I have some "night time, extra protection" diapers for sleeping and they are size 2.
  • He still sleeps through the night (8 to 9 hours). We are so, so thankful for that. We also moved him from the Pack 'n Play beside our bed to his crib yesterday. He slept great in his crib. Dad on the other hand did not - he was worried about him. So sweet.
  • The bummer milestone: he just got his first cold yesterday. Thankfully he is still in a good mood and doesn't have a temperature. We talked to the nurse today and she gave me lots of good information. Hopefully it clears up soon.

The love we have for this little guy still overwhelms me. I'm soaking up every minute of him. I look forward to all of the adventures to come :)



  1. He's so freaking cute! Yay for a good sleeper and for moving him to his crib! It's sad & tough, but it really is best to do it when they are this age I think. Good job, Mama! You look great!

  2. He is adorable, love that little grin!

  3. What a beautiful little boy! Sounds like he is really growing and learning and loves his mommy. :) So happy for you and Grayson!