Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silly Husband

Someone thinks my swollen feet are funny :)

This is what they look like at the end of most days because I can't get them up high enough sitting at work all day. Plus it's hot outside. Plus I have a big baby restricting the blood flow to my extremities.  Nick was pushing on them and making patterns LOL. Compression socks help the most, so I wear them most evenings. Dr. L always looks at them and says "yep, that's normal." She also blames this swelling on my weight gain lately - she knows how to make a pregnant woman feel better :)



  1. You poor thing! That looks so uncomfortable.

  2. Oh dear that looks miserable!

  3. OUCH!!!! My older sister got that too- so awful! You look beautiful though!!! Only a few weeks to go!!!!!