Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coming out of the Infertility closet

After I posted the What IF video here on the blog, I got brave and decided to post it on my Facebook. I am surprised at all of the positive feedback I have received! I am so happy I decided to share it and sort of "come out of the infertility closet." Even Mr. B was touched by the video and asked me if he could share it on his Facebook as well. We both agreed that we don't want to hide this journey we are on. It's better to be open and bring awareness to Infertility.

Thank you Keiko and my friend Denay for inspiring me!

Mrs. B


  1. It has been so awesome to have so many of our friends and family on board with our journey since we came out of the closet. We are totally overwhelmed with love, it's wonderful. I trust that you will feel the same way. And I'm sure that our babies, whenever and however they arrive, will be extra special to a lot of people as a result of us being open about our struggle. ::hugs::

  2. You are far braver than I am!! Good for you!

  3. I can't agree with you more about being open about it. DH and I hid it for a while, but eventually it just bears down on you. When we started telling friends and family we were having a hard time, it was amazing how much support came out, and to find out that some of our friends had gone through it was helpful as well. It just makes you feel a little less alone in it all. :) I'm glad you 'came out'. It makes things just easier to bear.

  4. Congratulations! Your bravery is inspiring too. I hope you find love and some relief from "coming out".

  5. Yay! It is liberating to "come out" with IF. Although I still haven't completely done this yet. I'm glad it was well received and wish you luck.